Cutaway Filter Flow

Filtration is the key to successfully maintaining good quality water conditions. Not only will filtration filter out any sediment that discolours the appearance of the water but also, and more importantly, filters the water biologically and in turn chemically. It would be silly to think that just because the water looks crystal clear the conditions of the water are fine. The quality of water can not be judged by sight unfortunately, the only way to determine water quality is by testing it (a service we provide free of charge). Just because the fish appear to be healthy it by no means indicates that they are. As fish are 90% water the quality of what they live in severally determines the quality of fish. Filters provide a foundation for bacteria to develop and work towards purifying the water and neutralising toxins. The bigger a filter is the better the water quality will be as this allows for further development of bacteria and a better biological filtration level more equipped for detoxifying anything decomposing within the aquarium, normally fish waste, uneaten food or plants. All in all filters play a large roll in the quality of the water conditions and by having larger better filters the aquarium will stay cleaner, the water will be better quality and water changes and maintenance will be required less frequently.


What type of filter should I have in my aquarium?

Filters come in a wide variety of sizes and types. Which one is righ for you will depend on the number of fish you wish to keep, the size of your aquarium and the size of your pump.


Undergravel Filter

Undergravel Filter

These are a combination of a gravel tray, gravel and pump head, healthy bacteria build up in the gravel and as the pump circulates the water the bacteria breakdown and remove the harmful components. The down side of this method is that the gravel will get dirty and clogged and require regulary cleaning, which will stress your fish.



Internal Filter

Internal Filters

An internal filter is a great way to enable biological and mechanical filtration of aquariums, water is pumped through the various layers of filter media allowing bactria to build up and treat the harmful components. This method is less disruptive as when the filter becomes dirty or clogged it can be easily be removed and the filter media can be cleaned and or relpaced.



External Filter

External Filters

If you have a large number of fish in your aquarium then an external filter is a more suitable option as it can handle larger volumes of waste created by higher stocking densities. Our aquatic experts can reccomend the correct filter and pump combination for your aquarium and number of fish. The benefits of the filter being external also means it is very easy to clean and maintain.