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Marine Care and Treatment.

Marines require less maintenance now than ever before, due to technological advancements in equipment and a better, more educated knowledge of the hobby. It is imperative when first establishing a marine system to perform a small 10% water change fortnightly. This dilutes any pollutants in the aquarium and freshens up the system. This used to be where a lot of the difficulties lie in keeping a marine tank as mixing water correctly can be a tedious and difficult chore. We now produce and supply pre mixed salt water specifically for marine aquariums, elevating some of the difficulties associated with keeping marines. Other maintenance duties include cleaning the filters and wiping down the inside of the aquarium glass, we recommend a magnet cleaner for this as you don't have to put your hands in the aquarium which can stress the fish. It is also necessary to clean the protein skimmer collection cup on a regular basis; the duration between doing this becomes larger as the aquarium matures.


Care and Treatment of Marine Fish