Overfeeding is the main cause of fish death so it is very important exactly how much they are fed. There is no specific formula indicating how much fish should be fed as there are more factors than just the types and numbers of the fish that affect it. The more food your fish consume the more waste they produce and admit into the water.


This waste is broken down by bacteria in the filters but if the fish are overfed this waste can escalate and begin to turn the water toxic, as the bacteria in your filters will not develop quick enough to compensate for the high volume of waste your fish produce.

So the less food you feed your fish the better the aquarium condition will be and in turn the happier the fish will be.


Fish like humans require a balanced diet to stay healthy and retain an effective immune system. A good balance between flake food, frozen food and live food will provide all the nutrition they will need to grow and stay healthy and happy. Please call us or click here to email us for advice on feeding, we are here to help.







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