Filtration is key to having a biologically sound aquarium. You can never have too much filtration; the more you have the better your water quality will be. Filters provide a foundation for bacteria and also mechanically filter your water too, removing any small sediment to increase the clarity of the aquarium. It is recommended that when starting a new aquarium to use a filter star and a water preparation/conditioner to remove elements found in tap water damaging to bacteria.


Marine filtration can consist of more that one product. The most important part of any aquatic filter is biological filtration as this is what neutralises toxins and purifies the water. Live rock is essentially what keeps the water condition fine, housing millions of bacteria that specifically develop because of impurities your live stock produce. The formula for calculating live rock in a fully stocked aquarium is to use 1kg of live rock for every 2 gallon of water. Having good quality live rock is essential when starting out a marine aquarium. You get what you pay for with live rock, if the rock isn't cured it can cause more harm than good. In order for your liverock to filter effectively it must be clean, hermit crabs, snails and cleaner shrimps provide this service and must have plenty of water movement in the aquarium, a decent set of powerheads will give endless rewards with fish health and water quality.


Protein skimmers provide filtration for the aquarium by skimming out chemical impurities in the water. They play a vital role in removing unnatural substances in the aquarium and help to replicate a natural environment safe for fish and inverts. Protein skimmers are not necessary on smaller aquariums (Nano Tanks) as they can be substituted by more frequent water changes. The development of the protein skimmer and its ability to function effectively is what made marine aquariums easy to maintain over the last 5 years and opened the hobby up to everyone. They are available in internal and external variations in an array of different sizes. Please contact us for advice and information on protein skimmers.




Marine Filtration



Mechanical filtration is responsible for the clarity of the aquarium. The bigger the filter is the less likely it will need cleaning out, and the cleaner your water will appear.