Care and Treatment of Tropical Fish

Providing the aquarium has sufficient filtration then maintenance and cleaning of the aquarium is minimal. When you initially fill up the aquarium with tap water this needs to be conditioned to be made safe for fish. Tap water contains chlorines, chloramines, aluminium and other chemicals designed to destroy bacteria and disease so it is safe for consumption. In order to establish an aquarium you must successfully develop a bacterial filter to biologically brake down fish waste and stop the water form becoming polluted. The chemicals in tap water are specifically designed to stop the development of bacteria so conditioning is a must.


There are hundreds of different conditioners and dechlorinators available so please feel free to call us for advice on the matter. It is necessary to perform a 25% water change ever fortnight to retain a good fresh water condition, when performing a partial water change the new water must also be conditioned before entering the aquarium to stop the possibilities of damaging the fish and bacteria. Fish need to be fed on a regular basis, when first setting up an aquarium this should be kept to a small amount every other day for a community tank, and when established (3 month) once a day.


More information is available on feeding within the feeding section. When introducing a new fish to the aquarium it is difficult to determine what kind of quarantine the fish has had, so treating the aquarium with a good general medication can be huge benefit to the system.



Free water testing

As there are a lot of products available please feel free to call one of our knowledgeable employees for help on the matter. Filters will need cleaning and the media changing at different intervals depending on the filter and how well the aquarium is stocked. This can be anything from once a week to every 3 month.


Water testing should be done at least once a month in a new aquarium (under 6 month). This helps to determine the chemical condition of the water and from this the health and happiness of the fish and also gives an indication of any amendments that need to be done to amend problems before they occur.


Water testing is a service we provide free of charge so feel free to drop us a sample of at least 100ml in when ever you are in the area.