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Juwel Helialux Spectrum LED Smart control wifi light unit controller


HeliaLux SmartControl
It’s possible to comfortably program and control your HeliaLux light units with your mobile phone, tablet or PC via WiFi using the HeliaLux SmartControl.

Comfortably manage your individual daily routines with the browser-based user interface. The HeliaLux light units are controlled over the WiFi network.

The controller makes it possible for you to adjust the lighting conditions in your aquarium to your needs. Up to 16 lighting phases in addition to the times for sunrises and sunsets may be comfortably and individually programmed for each day. Quickly and easily define the lighting moods in your aquarium depending on the time of day and create a unique atmosphere in your underwater world with this colour effect.
The freely adjustable colour channels also permit individual moonlight settings to be specifically and individually made.
The stable WiFi connection makes it possible to comfortably control and program the HeliaLux SmartControl from your mobile phone, tablet or PC.


Memory for 8 light profiles. It’s possible to define individual daily routines for every day of the week. Individually programmable cloud effects the intensity of the clouds and the frequency of the clouds. The Live Preview function allows you to see the light intensity you have set in real time.

Pre-programmed daily routine including lunch break to enable you to quickly take the HeliaLux SmartControl into operation. Five pre-configured profiles to download so you can choose between the following profiles. Standard, Standard Without Lunch Break, Biotope Malawi / Tanganyika, Biotope Amazonas and Aquascape.

Wireless lighting control from all WiFi-enabled devices help you quickly and easily simulate the lighting mood you have set in your aquarium at any time of day. It’s possible to automatically update the system over an existing Internet connection.