Red Sea s-Max 400 Marine set with Hydra 26 Lighting Black *ex display*

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MAX® S-Series Specification Table

  MAX® S Model
Specification Description MAX® S 400

System water volume Combined aquarium and sump 400 L
(110 gal)
Aquarium volume Display tank with rear circulation pump chamber 350 L
(97 gal)
Filtration sump volume Glass sump with preparation for auxiliary reactors or refugium 50 L
(13 gal) 60 L
Aquarium glass thickness Ultra clear front and side panels 12 mm
Surface skimmer Built in suface skimmer on full width of aquarium √
Lighting system Hydra 26 2 units

Lighting control WiFi based system compatible with all iOS, Android, and WiFi enabled Mac or PC. √
Total circulation l/h (gph) Sump return + hidden individual 2,150 l/h (570 gph) circulation pumps 2×2150 (570)
Main system pump l/h (gph) Sump return + feed to skimmer / chiller / reactors 7000
Protein skimmer REEFER Skimmer 600 – Air flow 750 l/h (190gph) – Water flow 1500 l/h (400gph) √

REEFER Skimmer 900 – Air flow 900 l/h (235gph) – Water flow 2000 l/h (530gph)

Integrated power center 10 individually switched sockets for pumps and accessories √
Integrated water top up system Easy-access storage tank with in-sump float valve 22 L
(6 gal)
Mechanical filtration Micron filter 2
Chemical filtration 600g (20 oz.) high grade phosphate-free activated carbon √
Cabinet frame:-
Marine spec anodized aluminum profile √
external Weatherproof Polyurethene painted MDF doors & panels √
Internal Waterproof sump compartment, dedicated chiller compartment √
Length Display tank (MAX® S Including Color Trim) 104 cm
Width Display tank (MAX® S Including Color Trim) 70 cm
Height Display tank 64 cm
Total system height (excluding LED light unit) 156 cm