Welcome to Viscum Water Gardens and Aquatics. A family owned business specialising in fish, aquariums, ornamental ponds, associated equipment and maintenance for over 35 years.

Business partner and founder Paul Ryan has run operations and managed the company since its establishment in 1980. Paul started it all way back in the late seventies as a teen by developing his interest in keeping aquatics to breeding and selling off his produce. To Viscum, providing good quality service and advice has always been of paramount importance, which is why all Viscum employees thrive to ensure the best quality advice is always available.

Our staff have extensive knowledge and strive to maintain our uncompromised customer- and after-sales service. We cater for everyone, from specialists to novices and our livestock ranges and fishkeeping equipment are second to none. Over the years of trading we have built strong relationships with suppliers and should have no problem obtaining any specific brand or model of anything you might require form the aquatic industry.

Why choose Viscum?

We know a thing or two about fish

Our longstanding reputation and expertise in all things aquatic means we're perfectly placed to provide the best fishkeeping advice. Viscum has two shops in Yorkshire, located in Barnburgh and Brodsworth (within the Markham Grange Nurseries). Each store is home to someone of expertise within specific areas of aquatics and water gardens.

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Fish Stock

Our stores generally stock over 200 species of livestock at any one time and are home to someone of expertise within specific areas of aquatics from marine, tropical to coldwater.


We deal with a large variety of suppliers to give a broad range of Aquariums, pond equipment and dry goods. We also give competitive quotes for specially requested stock.


We specialise in both pond and aquarium design and construction for domestic and commercial clients. Including sleeper and timber ponds as well as bespoke aquariums.


We provide full maintenance and refurbishment services for ponds and aquariums including filtration maintenance. For both residential and commercial clients.

Fish handpicked from around the globe for you

We have hundreds of new fish imported every week from countries all over the world to ensure we have the best variety, quantity and quality of fish available. We find and handpick from our exclusive sources including, handpicked Ornamental Koi, Coldwater Fancies and certain tropical species.

In addition, we also travel abroad several times a year seeking new and exotic varieties from destinations including Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Philippines, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Japan.

History of Viscum


Viscum Beginnings

After Paul’s success in the late seventies. In 1980, Viscum was born. Constructed by father and son in the back garden of their family home.


Viscum Opens

Opening its doors to the public, Viscum quickly became a reputable name in fish keeping and aquatics.


Family Business

Fuelled by Viscums popularity and their love and interest of all things aquatic, Viscum soon became a whole family affair.


Viscum Water Gardens & Aquatics

Viscum’s success continued and it soon developed to stock a wide range of dry goods and aquatic equipment.


Viscum Markham Grange Opens

In 1988, Viscum opened their second store in Markham Grange.


Construction & Maintenance

Construction & Maintenance

Over the years, our experience and knowledge led us to offering in house construction and maintenance services for all things aquatic.


Viscum Barnburgh Expands


Tropical Tank Addition

Our brand new Tropical Tank Section at the Barburgh store was constructed, housing over 50 varieties of tropical fish.