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20″ 3-StageAquarium Dechlorinator (including fittings)


The safe removal of chlorine from tap water ensures that your fish do not suffer with gill inflammation caused by chlorine in your tap water.


3 stage water purifier, designed for use with aquatics to filter tap water for freshwater fishkeeping

Items included:

  • 5 micron particle filter (PP) – Stage 1
  • Granular Activated Carbon filter (GAC) – Stage 2
  • Block Carbon filter (CTO) – Stage 3
  • Fitted with air-bleed buttons
  • 3/4″ brass BSP threaded connections
  • 3/4″ male x male nipple with “click connections” (hozelock type)

Technical Information:

  • Stage 1 removes sand, dirt, iron and other particles
  • Stage 2 removes chlorine and dissolved organic contaminants
  • Stage 3 – final chlorine removal stage and dissolved organics
  • Particle Filters 5 microns
  • Granular Activated Carbon GAC
  • Block Carbon Filters CTO