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Aquael LEDDY Day & Night LED 17W Sunny 1015mm


Easy to install, Day & Night function with 3 light modes, Bright, yet energy efficient, Length – 1015mm

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The AquaEl Leddy Day & Night Sunny is the all-new version of the retrofit. Equipped with the innovative Day & Night function with 3 lighting modes which allow the inhabitants of the aquariums to harmonize with the rhythm of nature. With lighting being such an essential part of an aquarium, the new Leddy Day & Night allows you to control the lighting to mimic that of different times of day, this provided both your animals and plants a good sense of natural light cycle in the aquariums.

The Leddy Day & Night has also been revamped to be more power efficient. Providing plenty of light at a lower cost.

At a glance

Easy to install

Day & Night function with 3 light modes

Bright, yet energy efficient

Length – 1015mm