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Blade Magnet Cleaner for Aquarium Cleaning


Aquarium magnet cleaner, for clean aquariums
Extra strong blade cleaner for window cleaning
For fresh and saltwater aquariums
Does not cut into silicone seams
With an optimised 18 ° angle
V4-A stainless steel blades

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The Hobby Blade Magnet Cleaner is a cleaner for windows in fresh and saltwater aquariums.

The Hobby Blade Magnet is an algae Aquarium magnet cleaner that cleans the aquarium glass by means of an inner and an outer part. It removes algae easily and without residue from aquarium glass. The high-quality blades are made of rustproof V4-A steel, which are guaranteed not to cut silicone joints or scratch the panes. From a physical point of view, only harder material can scratch softer and therefore the steel blades cannot damage the aquarium glass. Of course, also with the blade magnet, care must be taken to ensure that there are no stones between the magnet and the pane because they actually leave scratch marks. The blades themselves are attached in such a way that silicone joints are not damaged. The blades are made of rust-proof V4-A steel, as is also used in shipbuilding and can therefore also be used in saltwater. The blade magnet can be used for aquariums up to a glass thickness of 8 mm. After use in saltwater, the blade magnet should be rinsed with fresh water.

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