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Seachem Purigen (Bagged) 100Ml


Seachem Purigen is an extra fine filtration media which is placed in a fine mesh bag and placed within the filter, as the water passes through, it then gets to work absorbing nitrogenous organic waste that is present in the aquarium. By removing this waste it then controls ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, preventing them causing major problems .

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Another main reason for using Seachem Purigen is it’s amazing value for money.If used in a 100cm aquarium it will last for months.As it gradually turns a dark brown, which indicates that it is full of waste ,magically it is not finished.Take it out of the tank and soak it in bleach,then treat in a mixture of water and Prime
( another fantastic Seachem product ) and it is completely rejuvenated.

So if you have a Marine, Freshwater or Planted aquarium, you will need crystal clear water in which to show off your creation to it’s optimum best,there is only one product that can really achieve this.
That product is Seachem Purigen.

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