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10″ BB 3-Stage Pond Dechlorinator


This water treatment and purification system can be used for the removal of chlorine from a tap water supply. This broad bodied filtration system is optimised for ornamental fish keepers and koi enthusiasts.

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10″ BB 3 stage water purifier, designed for use with aquatics to filter tap water for freshwater fishkeeping

  • 5 micron particle filter (PP) – Stage 1 (clear housing)
  • Granular Activated Carbon filter (GAC) – Stage 2
  • Block Carbon filter (CTO) – Stage 3
  • Air-bleed buttons

Technical Information:

  • Stage 1 PP Pre Filter 5 micron –  removes sand, dirt, iron and other particles
  • Stage 2 GAC granular activated carbon – removes chlorine and dissolved organic contaminants
  • Stage 3 CTO block carbon filter – further removes contaminants from the water