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Blagdon 3Mx2m Clearview Pond Net


With the Clearview Cover Nets, you are assured of your precious fish’s safety from herons, cats and other predatory animals, after all, a lot of time and effort has gone into making your pond as beautiful as can be, supplemented by our liners, pumps and filters, your fish are very important to you, and you try to keep them as healthy as possible, why let a cat or heron get away with one of your prized possessions? It also helps you to keep unwanted and unsightly leaves out of your pond, reduces pond bottom leaf litter, which in turn keeps your pond clean AND helps your filter and pump from overworking to clear the debris.

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Not only does it keep predators and leaves out of the pond, but it also keeps your fish in. We know your fish can be sprightly, and sometimes jump out of the pool, with the Clearview Cover Net, this can be eliminated, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. So why choose another pond product manufacturer when you can stick with The Pond Masters.

Size: 3m x 2m The Blagdon Clearview Black Fine Cover Nets are highly effective at protecting your pond and fish from leaf pollution and predators. The Clearview Net range are as subtle as possible so as not to distract away from the pond and its surroundings The Blagdon Cover Nets come complete with fixing pegs to allow for easy installation. Blagdon Clearview Cover Nets Product Summary: Highly effective Subtle Easy to install Includes fixing pegs Protects from predators and leave pollution Stops fish jumping out.
Strong woven black net.
Stop leaves and debris falling into your pond.
Includes fixing pegs to secure at the sides of your pond.