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Blagdon Pond Oxygenator 4 Outlets Medium Pond


Blagdon Pond Oxygenator Kit is an outdoor weatherproof garden air pump, complete with air stone and airline.

Fish and pond life require oxygen-rich water to remain strong and healthy. The beneficial bacteria in your filtration systems also need oxygen to flourish and keep your pond free from the build-up of toxic waste.

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Aeration is especially important through the warmer months where water holds less oxygen. Oxygenating plants produce oxygen during the day, however, they start to use oxygen at night, which depletes your pond of oxygen.

The Blagdon Pond Oxygenator dramatically increases the level of oxygen and reduces carbon dioxide in the pond, whilst aiding in the overall circulation of your pond to prevent stagnation. It can also be used in the winter months to help keep an area ice free, preventing the buildup of toxic gases which can be fatal to fish and wildlife.

*Please Note due to UK Building Regulations, these units do not come with a plug.

At a Glance:

Available in 3 Sizes

Outdoor Weatherproof Water Garden Air Pump

Increases Oxygen in the Summer Months

Helps Prevent Pond Freezing During the Winter

Aids in Circulating Your Pond

Comes Complete with Air Stone and Airline