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Aqua One Bonsai Tree Collection Aquarium Ornaments 5 Sizes


Bonsai Trees from Aqua One

Add some dimension and life to your aquarium with Aqua One’s designer lifestyle ornaments!
You are sure to find an ornament that will suit your aquarium and style.

The Bonsai Tree from Aqua One will add an element of interest to any aquarium whilst providing your fish with places to hide, explore and even breed.
Combine with other ornaments, plants and backgrounds to create a diverse environment for your fish to explore and a unique panorama for your viewing pleasure.


Safe for aquatic life
Adds character & interest
Made from non toxic material
Provides a place to hide or breed
Long lasting beauty & minimal maintenance
Immediately enhances the appearance of any aquarium
Adds dimension to your aquarium

Aqua One Bonsai Tree

Approximate dimensions: 22cm

Aqua One Bonsai Tree on Rock Garden

Approximate dimensions: 54.5x34x37.5cm

Aqua One Bonsai Tree with Rock Cave

Approximate dimensions: 33.5x22x30cm

Aqua One Bonsai tree on rocks

Approximate dimensions: 27cm

Aqua One Hollow Base Bonsai Tree

Approximate dimensions: 35cm


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Ancient Bonsai Tree with Vines on Rock Jumbo 71cm, Bonsai Tree on Rock 22cm, Bonsai Tree on Rock Garden Large 54cm, Bonsai tree on rocks 27cm, Bonsai Tree with Rock Cave 33cm, Hollow Base Bonsai Tree 35cm