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Blagdon Inpond 5In1 Small Pond 2000


This Blagdon Inpond provides all you need for a clear and healthy small pond; a combined efficient pump and filtration package. The low voltage pump/filter includes 3 attractive fountain features , a mechanical and biological filter, a polymer wool cartridge and a UV clarifier. The 5in1 set also includes an automatic night time LED spot light.

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A complete Inpond solution

Effective mechanical & biological filtration

5W UV clarifier included

For ponds up to 2000 litres

1x medium foam
2xceramic media
650lph pump
1.25m head

1.Pump: Aerates&Circulates water
2.Filter: Keeps water clean and healthy
3.UV: Kills green water algae
4.Three beautiful fountain features
5.LED: Brings pond to life after dark